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Traverse City, MI

I'm just a little fish in a big, big pond but I'd love to work for YOU!

Thanks for checking out my portfolio!

My name is Britney Kreiner and I'm an illustrator, designer, and developer specializing in digital media.
I got my BS in IT from Colorado Tech online in 2020 and I'm excited to launch my new career!

I spent the first decade of my adulthood working with animals, and it was a fun and fulfilling career. But as I enter my 30s
I've decided it's time for something new: pursuing a creative and technical passion that has always been sitting on the

I'd love to score an amazing full-time remote job with a small but vibrant web company, but in the meantime I'm taking on
any freelance gigs that come my way to gain experience. I still have a lot of learning to do, but I know I'm firmly on the right path.
If you think I'd be an asset to your business or project I'd be honored if you reached out to me.


Old Mission Peninsula United Methodist Church
Peace with Justice Mission Team NWD
Old Mission Gazette

My primary interest is in aquatic scientific illustration, visualizing data, and
video media.

In my spare time I enjoy creative pursuits, hiking, playing D&D with my cousins,
and snuggling my trusty Blue Heeler sidekick, Calypso.

All the best,